NewCAD 2024

NewCAD  is  highly compatible  with AutoCAD 2000 to  2024 .dwg  file format & supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10  & 11. 

It is a professional & speedy, fully-functional & powerful, user friendly & flexible, COST  EFFECTIVE  design and drafting CAD software.  NewCAD 3D  is also a full ACIS modeling & editing version. 

NewCAD  provides 64 bits,  Standalone & Network Floating Licenses.  It is available in 12 languages,  for International use.  

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NewCAD BIM 3D Product


NewCAD 2D Product

Support Pack
1-Year HK$300
3-Year HK$900
Upgrade Pack (Single Version)
1-Year HK$800
1-Year HK$1200
Upgrade Pack (Network Version)
1-Year HK$1000
1-Year HK$1400
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