Activate NewCAD

To activate NewCAD License after purchasing the software, please fill in all
the following information and we shall send you the activation key.

Activate NewCAD Network

Step 1: Get the License file (*.ini) from WebCAD PLC Limited and put it in a shared location

Step 2: Open NewCAD Network Version

Step 3: Choose the license file that you had located in a share location

Step 4: Activation Needed – You may press “Enter” button

Step 5: Activation Needed – Please Copy ” User Code 1 ” and send us by e-mail ( or fill in the activation form

Step 6: You may press “Cancel” to close NewCAD Network and wait for our reply

Step 7: After received our reply, you may open NewCAD Network again and paste “Reg Key 1” to finished the first activation

** When you finished the activation, you CANNOT move the license file (*.ini) to another share location. If you needed, please contact our support team (

Step 8: Activate other workstation – Repeat Step 2 – 3 for other workstation

Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions.

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