New Features

New Features in NewCAD BIM 3D 2024 version  (Release Date: 8 June 2023)    

  • Compatible with 2024 .dwg files
  • Faster display of large geographic images.
  • Improved performance working with drawings that contain textures when using the WinGL ES graphics device.
  • Increased speed when importing map files.         
  • Faster cursor response in large drawings with no selection preview.
  • Export to .pdf files using an improved interface.
  • Specify which sheet to import when importing .xls and .xlsx files.       
  • Create mesh and polyface mesh entities when importing .obj and .stl files.
  • Turn live sectioning on or off for a selected section entity.
  • Use the Align Space command to align model space entities in layout viewports with entities in paper space or other model space viewports.
  • Choose alternate fonts when opening a drawing that contains text styles defined with an SHX font that cannot be found.
  • Use the Detail Callout block type when defining content of multileader styles.

New Features in NewCAD BIM 3D 2020d version  (Release Date: 11 May 2021)

  • Compatible with 2022 .dwg files
  • Import Wavefront Technologies Object (.obj) files and Stereolithography (.stl) files.
  • Export Stereolithography (.stl) files.
  • Convert closed entities to solids using the Convert to Solid command.
  • More colors are available in the color book sample.
  • Export a layout to model space of a new drawing using the Export Layout command.
  • Import and export system variable settings using the new SVIMPORT and SVEXPORT commands.
  • The Purge command supports materials.
  • The eTransmit command can include background images and material bitmaps.
  • BIMRVTINSULATIONMATERIALOVERRIDE : 0 = display its own material ; 1 = display its own color

New Features in NewCAD BIM 3D 2020 version  (Release Date: 27 Nov 2019)

  • Compatible with 2020 .dwg files
  • View Autodesk REVIT (.rvt / .rfa / .ifc) files
  • BIM ATTACH : attach a BIM model as a custom object (currently supported formats: rvt, rfa, ifc).
  • BIMPANE : open the BIM pane to interact with BIM model.

New Features in NewCAD 3D 2019b version  (Release Date: 11 Apr 2019)

  • Compatible with 2020 .dwg files.
  • [BIM] More AEC commands: stairs, railings, and steel. (Not in AutoCAD)
  • Start Page
  • WSSAVE command
  • GRADIENT command
  • More formatting styles for lists of multiline text

New Features in NewCAD 3D 2019 version  (Release Date: 1 Aug 2018)

  • Compatible with 2019 .dwg files
  • [BIM] AEC commands (Not in AutoCAD)
  • CL command (Not in AutoCAD)
  • View Mechanical entities
  • Attach point cloud (.rcp/ .rcs) files
  • Camera command
  • Export to .pdf files using more options
  • Tool palettes
  • Facet Modeler
  • Cycle command (Ctrl + W)
  • New Express tools command

New Features in NewCAD 3D 2018 version  (Release Date: 14 Nov 2017)

  • Version 2018 .dwg files are opened and converted to version 2013 dwg files

New Features in NewCAD 3D 2017f version  (Release Date: 26 July 2017)

  • Snapping in files with underlays
  • Explode Attributes (BURST)
  • Formatting to text functions
  • Undated Customize command
  • New Multileader
  • Quick Leader
  • Explode Text
  • NCOPY command
  • BREAKLINE command
  • TCOUNT command
  • GETSEL command

New Features in NewCAD 3D 2017c version  (Release Date: 17 Jan 2017)

  • Drawing Tabs
  • HATCH dialog with Gradient Hatch
  • LISP (VL*, VLA*, VLAX*) Upgrade
  • FILTER command
  • ETRANSMIT command
  • HATCHTOBACK command
  • FIND option in OPEN file dialog

New Features in NewCAD 3D 2017 version  (Release Date: 29 July 2016)

  • Improved performance when working with complex blocks, pan, zoom, etc..
  • Fade color for background
  • CUSTOMIZE dialog enhancements
  • ARRAY/ DDARY dialog
  • MTEXT in-place editor
  • VPMin / VPMax

New Features in NewCAD 3D 2016 version  (Release Date: 20 Oct 2015)

  • Support multi-core CPU (1.5-3x faster open/regen)
  • Auto-complete (command line)
  • Open & Export DGN files (V7-V8)
  • Improved Grip editing & Block Dialog
  • Support Annotative Scale
  • Print to DWF, DWFx, PNG, JPG files
  • Convert in batch – DWG to DWG (different version), DWG to DGN
  • TXT2MTXT command
  • PUBLISH command
  • REVCLOUD command
  • SETBYLAYER command
  • XPLODE command
  • Status bar Enhancements
  • Ribbon User Interface
  • Z-axis orthomode support
  • LOFT command
  • SWEEP command
  • POLYSOLD command
  • HELIX command
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