WebCAD PLC Ltd  is founded in 2012 by a group of over  30-year  experienced CAD specialists who dedicate to design a professional &  best price performance  2D & 3D CAD/BIM software. Since 1999, we have been developing a CAD platform compatible with .dwg & partly compatible with Revit .rvt & BIM .ifc  file format.

NewCAD  is  highly compatible  with AutoCAD 2000 to 2024 .dwg file & supports Windows 7, 8, 10  & 11. It is a professional & speedy,  full-function & powerful,  user friendly & flexible, COST EFFECTIVE  design and drafting CAD software.     

NewCAD BIM 3D  is a 3D full  ACIS  modeling & editing version.  It can also view & attach native .rvt/.rfa/.ifc BIM files.  

NewCAD  comes with PERPETUAL Standalone & Network Floating Licenses.    

It is available in 12 languages  & legally use in China & Internationally.

Our Hong Kong  based team commits to provide immediate pre & post technical support.

Ps visit our web site  www.webcad-plc.com  to enjoy a  30-day  free trial.

Look forward to welcoming you to join our big family. Thanks for your support to Hong Kong innovation. 

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