How to activate NewCAD Network Version

Step 1: Get the License file (*.ini) from WebCAD PLC Limited and put it in a shared location

Step 2: Open NewCAD Network Version

Step 3: Choose the license file that you had located in a share location

Step 4: Activation Needed - You may press "Enter" button

Step 5: Activation Needed - Please Copy "User Code 1" and send us by e-mail ( or fill in the activation form

Activate NewCAD Network
To activate NewCAD license after purchasing the software, please fill in all the following information and we shall send you the activation key.

Company: *
Your E-mail: *
Contact phone number: *
User Code 1: *
Word Verification:

Step 6: You may press "Cancel" to close NewCAD Network and wait for our reply


Step 7: After received our reply, you may open NewCAD Network again and paste "Reg Key 1" to finished the first activation

** When you finished the activation, you CANNOT move the license file (*.ini) to another share location. If you needed, please contact our support team (

Step 8: Activate other workstation - Repeat Step 2 - 3 for other workstation

Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions.

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